The Roots Play A Great Version Of The Super Mario Bro Theme (And Even Bigger News, Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Completely Fuck It Up)

Everybody is a sucker for something, and I’m a sucker for bands playing bangers like the Super Mario Brothers song. And when it’s the Roots playing it, it’s hard to beat. But that’s not the story here, there are two bigger stories:

1) They clearly unplugged the asian Nintendo nerd’s guitar. He was up there strumming and paying all close attention to his chords and they had his cord yanked out of the wall from the get-go. There was absolutely no sound coming from his guitar, but there he was on the stage thinking he was Jimmy Page. Poor Nintendo asian guy, they let him on the stage for the vanity of it, but the mute button was smashed right in his half opened eyes. He thought he was crushing it but not one sound came out of his guitar.

2) Jimmy Fallon almost didn’t ruin something, it’s a Christmas miracle! He couldn’t help but insert himself into it, but he didn’t do wacky jumping jacks or dance around the room clicking his heels, so that’s a major win for America. But a major red flag for Fallon, as it is quite concerning that either 1) they have forced Fallon off the bottle, or 2) his coke guy got popped. Neither are good news for Fallon, and I will keep track of this development as it continues.