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Cavs Destroy Knicks And LeBron Does The Water Bottle Challenge On The Bench


You know what? I’m happy for LeBron. Can you imagine if the Knicks had blown the Cavs’ doors off last night and started doing the water bottle challenge on the bench during a game? We would hear how disrespectful that was. The man is a FATHER for Christ sake. What would he have told his kids during the offseason as they were watching The Grinch and Requiem For A Dream in July? The basketball court is a sacred place during a game! Will anyone think of the kids? And the dads that are raising them? Posse Pussy.

As for the Knicks Knotes for last night’s game, I kept them short and sweet.

New winning streak starts tomorrow.

P.S. This loss doesn’t count as a loss by a super team since Derrick Rose wasn’t playing.