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There's a McMahon In The White House! America Is Great Again!

Let’s goooooooo! America is great again! USA! USA! USA!

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What a time to be alive. Trump in the Oval Office, and now a McMahon in the cabinet. And people thought this presidency was going to be a failure? Hah! All McMahons do is win. Hey China, no chance, that’s what you’ve got. This is fucking great. No idea what the Small Business Administration does, but I know Linda is the perfect fit for the job. Because she always has done what’s best for business. Remember when she was storyline incapacitated and Vince would just make out with Trish in front of her? Classic Linda, doing anything for the good of business.

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Hopefully this is a stepping stone to Vince 2020.

When haters say Linda isn’t qualified to run a government agency


PS: And people say wrestling is fake, psh. Trish was NOT fucking around. Probably was sneaky trying to get Vince to divorce Linda and knew this was her shot.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 4.36.56 PM