Kim Kardashian Wants A Divorce From Kanye West Once He Gets Healthy. Bulllllllshittttttttttttt.

(Source)Kim Kardashian has been helping Kanye West recover since his November mental breakdown that left him at UCLA Medical Center for 10 days. But the 36-year-old has not been happy with their marriage, UsWeekly claimed on Wednesday, and she wants to divorce him when the time is right. She is also allegedly trying to ‘build a case for full custody of the kids North and Saint.’ The site also stands by its earlier claim that West is not living with Kardashian inside their Bel-Air mansion. Citing multiple sources, they report the Yeezy star has been residing in an LA-area rental as an outpatient. (A source previously denied this to UsWeekly claims Kim definitely ‘wants a divorce’ and she knows for sure she ‘doesn’t want to stay married to him.’ But the timing is terrible. So the Selfish author will have to ‘take some time before she can do anything.’

I have a hard time believing this, to be totally honest. Not because I think Kim and Kanye are genuinely in love, or anything stupid like that, but because they’re just so perfect for each other. They’re incredibly famous and love themselves more than they could love anything else in this world. True love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another (Wedding Crashers, 2005) and if Kim and Kanye’s souls don’t recognize each other then they’re stupid, idiot souls. Kim gets married for publicity and there’s never going to be a more public coupling than these two. I don’t care how miserable being married to a madman makes her, the headlines he generates for her will bring her enough joy to trump that sorrow. These are facts.

But, if this is real? Savvy move by Kim dropping that she’ll be a trooper and wait until he’s healthy again so she can pretend she has a heart. “Oh no I’m not going to divorce the mentally unstable man who was also just told his album is not up for a Grammy. I love him so I’ll nurse him back, but then I’m out the fucking door.” Hey guess what, Kim? Marriage vows say “in sickness AND in health.” I know you heard that shit because both your weddings were on TV so I’m sure you were there. If you’re married to a crazy genius with a beautiful mind then you better fucking stick by him forever. John Nash’s wife, ever heard of her? That’s a woman who knows how it’s done.

PS – Cue everyone on Twitter saying “I guess true love doesn’t exist” and thinking they’re the funniest person in the world. A marriage is falling apart, show some empathy (I don’t think Kim is possible of that feeling but still), goddammit.