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Ashley Graham Politicking To Get Into The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Now Shows Why She's The Savviest Big Gal Around

TMZ – Ashley Graham loved watching the Victoria’s Secret Angels do their thing in Paris, but she says she’d love joining them on the runway even more … and expects to soon.

We got Ashley in Studio City, where she’s promoting the current season of “America’s Next Top Model” — she’s a judge — and she said plus-size models deserve a spot in the VS lineup — especially since they’re coming up big everywhere else.

For a while I was pretty firmly in the anti-Ashley Graham camp in terms of her being in the SI Swimsuit Issue a little bit back; she’s pretty as a plus size model but does that mean you have to put her in a piece of media singularly known for rounding up the most attractive women and athletes around, strapping them into bikinis, and pretending like it has anything to do with sports. But now I think Ashley Graham is a genius. Think about it: What other plus size models do you know? Maybe that Iskra Lawrence chick who is wayyyy hotter and barely plus-sized and too young to know how to play the game.

But Ashley Graham is out here time and again being the squeaky monster truck wheel getting all the grease because she’s a noteworthy and attractive plus-sized model who now has enough fame to be noticed. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a relatively meaningless and way-overhyped social event but there’s no denying being a part of it helps a chick get out there even more. If Ashley Graham complains loudly enough, other big girls complain loudly enough on social media and Jezebel dot com, all of a sudden she’s in a campaign for Victoria’s Secret because companies just can’t deal with the pressure and need to cool it down somehow. Clearly some of that body mass is going towards her brains because it’s a genius ploy.

Though even if they don’t bring her onboard, it’s probably just Victoria’s Secret being practical. No way these angel wings can hold up aerodynamically with a big gal tugging on them underneath. Modern lingerie-based aviation has only come so far.