The GrubTub Is The Greatest Invention In The History Of Inventions


For some reason people think that aliens are always going to be smarter than humans. That these weird little creatures are gonna show up to Earth one day and knock our socks off with how smart they are. But I don’t buy it. Why, you ask? Well because of reason just like this one–The GrubTub. This will go down as one of the most quintessential inventions of all time. Right along side the lightbulb and internet porn. It’s genius, Lloyd. Sheer genius.

We’ve all had this issue before. You’re at the game and you finally give in to taking out a small loan to purchase some snacks at the concession stands. Are those chicken fingers with undercooked fries and a large drink worth $23? Not necessarily. But you buy them anyway because it’s part of the experience. But then you’re working your way back to your seats and it’s mayhem. You’ve got your soda in one hand. The food in the other. You’re not going to just wait to get to your seat before you actually start eating. So you try to eat right out of the container like a savage because you don’t have any free hands. But then what if you get a text or you have to fire out a mega dope ultra sweet Tweet? You’re screwed. Or at least you used to be before The GrubTub came into your life.

P.S. – I hate that some guy is about to become a millionaire off of this idea. So simple. We should have come up with this years ago. But everybody else dropped the ball and he scooped it up. Good for him but why can’t it ever be me?