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Gilmore Girls Explained By a Guy Sums It Up Very Nicely For The Wifed Up Folks Out There

Ever since the Gilmore Girls were brought back over Thanksgiving on Netflix, I’ve pondered writing my thoughts about it. I held off, but thought I might as well go for it because 1) I’m a Gilmore Girls fan, and 2) the above video was very funny. It perfectly summarizes Gilmore Girls for anyone who is forced to watch it with their girlfriend.

Now, back to the first part of the above paragraph, I am a Gilmore Girls guy. If you ignore the fact it’s a bunch of spoiled complaining chicks jibber jabbering the entire time, it’s an enjoyable show with some witty writing and good story line developments. The characters are well written and most have depth where you want to find out what happens next. Catch a few re-runs and you’ll find yourself getting hooked. 23 year old Nate wouldn’t admit to this, but 28 year old Nate doesn’t give a fuck. Drink what you like, watch what you like, live your life.

As we all know, I binged all 4 of the new 90 minute episodes when they came out. It’s been a few weeks so we can now discuss them- I thought they were okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay.

The main gripe with most hardcore fans is how dislikable Rory is. Funny enough, that was one of the smallest gripes I had with it. Rory was never really likable to begin with. The way I see it, she’s always been a hard worker. She’s smart. But she has also always been the most spoiled bitch in the worldddddd. Given everything she’s ever wanted by her grandparents, and never told “no” by her mom. And if Lorelai did come down hard on her, Rory would flip the fuckkkkk out and make it a big thing. Rory doesn’t learn from mistakes, refuses to use her talents to progress at a job, and quits any time anything doesn’t go her way.

The video also nailed how shitty of a girl she is in her relationships, and he doesn’t even know the half of it. All she does is cheat. Cheated on Dean, had Dean cheat on his wife, and now is having Logan cheat on his wife while she cheats on her long-term boyfriend. Yeah that Paul guy sucks, but how does a 32 year old not have the maturity to have an adult relationship?

But despite all of this, I have no gripes with it. I think it’s fairly realistic to how Rory would have ended up. After high school and college, you are thrown into the real world and it’s either sink or swim. She sank, and when she sank, she relied on her mom or grandparents or Logan to bail her out. Not to say she didn’t have moderate success- she freelanced and had things published. But the fact she couldn’t hold down a job at a paper or wasn’t willing to grind her way up from the bottom is pretty telling. She was always a rich girl with every opportunity handed to her, she wanted to jump into the deep end without putting the work in first.

As for some of the other characters:

Lorelai – She was still the same exact person. Childish, stubborn, annoying. No idea what Luke sees in her. However, the comparisons to Rory are unfair. Lorelai raised her child alone, started a successful business, and only later re-connected with her parents. Rory is not nearly as strong as her.

Emily – The best character of the entire revival was obviously Emily. I was ill-prepared for the emotional funeral scenes, but Emily knocked her role out of the park. She’s aged like a fine wine too.

Logan – I like Logan mostly because he’s as real as it comes. He knows he’s a spoiled dick, and he doesn’t care at all. But he’s also charming and cares about Rory.

Now for the ending- Rory is pregnant with Logan’s baby. This is fine with me. The whole full-circle thing apparently is what they wanted all along, with her getting pregnant after college. Now Logan will be her Christopher, and Jess will be her Luke. And round and round they’ll go.

I don’t think they need to do any more of the show. We don’t need to see Rory’s trial and tribulations raising a child. She has a shit ton of money, unwavering support, and I’m not sure how much bickering with her mom they can possibly write.

So while it wasn’t the best final 4 episodes imaginable (holy shit that 30 minute musical thing was so terrible), I’m glad they brought it back and put a bow on it.