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A Dad Tried To Help His Kid In A Fight With Bullies And Poor Dad Got His Shit WRECKED

When dad gets in a fight to save his kid and finds out he accidentally punched a girl and is about to get his ass kicked again for it:


^making a Mr Krabs meme of someone in a blurry fight video, not the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do for a blog. But overall I feel so bad for the dad here. He did what he had to do for his kid, thought he’d be able to use his Being A Pretty In Shape And Tough Looking Dude dad skills to get out of the situation, maybe underestimated the competition a little along the way, and instead he took one of the filthiest beatings I’ve seen this year. I mean look at this dude at the end:

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 10.08.57 AM

That is a man who has been through a war. He put himself on the line for his kid, took that beating all himself, and walked away in shame from a group of teens with his masculinity firmly tucked away. For as embarrassing as it is, that’s real dad love. That’s sacrifice. Beating the shit out of some kids, yeah that’d be a good dad and probably be a much more feel-good moment. But being willing to get the crap kicked out of you by some asshole teenagers just to save your kid’s ass and get him out of there…I mean that’s a legit dad move. The kid may be upset but his dad has his back in ways a lot of dads wouldn’t, dinging his own pride and physical health just for his son. Touching moment besides the blood and society crumbling and crippling fear that this could be one of us someday if a girl forgets her pills like an idiot girl may.