Hurling A Table At Your Opponent Is A GREAT Pre-Fight Press Conference Tactic

FTW – Heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora is due to fight Dillian Whyte for the British Heavyweight Title in Manchester on December 10th, but on Wednesday, things got started a little early. Chisora and Whyte spent the press conference exchanging verbal punches until, at one point, things got excessively heated. Chisora stood up, turned to his future opponent, and hurled a press conference before walking off the stage.

There’s no denying boxing is unfortunately a dying breed. We get it. Sometimes (every time) you gotta drum up a little pre-fight-hype to spark up the interest. Chucking a table at your opponent’s face is a great way to put some asses in the seats. Granted, like usual, that’s probably 10x the action than what’s going to be in the actual ring. But that’s par for the press conference fight course. Here’s a kind of alive (I think) Don King double fisting American flags and going through some of the most notable pre-fight brawls of all-time.

See, there’s no reason to risk super physical harm by throwing pillows or coming off the top rope of a car Goddamn madman. Best to keep it subtle by hurling a large object that most likely won’t do any damage then back off talking shit like the fakest tough guy in the school yard. The hypocrisy of a hardo giving a “Hold me back, bro!” then a “Don’t fucking touch me!” will never get old. Regardless, everyone at the press conference was lucky Big Bertha wasn’t the one chucking the table across the way. There would be no survivors. Or food left within a mile radius.