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A Santa Claus Is In Trouble For Telling A Fat Kid To Lay Off The Burgers And Fries

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FOREST CITY, N.C. (WLOS) – It’s practically straight out of a “Bad Santa” movie. A North Carolina mother wants the local Santa Claus fired after saying things that put her 9-year-old son in tears. On Saturday, an otherwise jolly time on Main Street led to a holiday moment the boy would like to forget. “I went out and started crying, because I just felt so bad,” Anthony Mayse said of his conversation with Father Christmas. “When he got done, he said, ‘Lay off the hamburgers and french fries,'” he recalled. “And that really just disrespected me, and I felt awful.” 

Who the hell does Santa Claus think he is? Dude you’re fat as fuck. You are historically fat as fuck. It’s part of your character. When people say “jolly ol'” it’s a nice way of saying you’re huge. People have been making “How does he get down the chimney if he’s so fat?” jokes for literally centuries. And now he’s got the nerve to call some kid fat? Pretty hypocritical, Saint Nick. Not cool and not very jolly. Also, the kid isn’t without fault here. Stop being a cry baby dude. Not to go all “kids these days” but kids these days need to learn how to dish it as well as take it. Ok. So Santa Claus called you fat. Boo hoo. You know what you do in that scenario? Call that fat fuck out for being a hypocritical fat fuck. Give it right back to him. You know what you don’t do? Go running to your mommy who then calls a new station and it blows up into a whole thing. Call Santa fat, maybe kick him in his jingle bells, and keep it moving. For the record, that kid is pretty fat. And I can say that cause I was also a fat kid so it’s fine.