David Ortiz Is Playing With My Emotions By Teasing A Comeback On His Instagram

Division Series - Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox - Game Three

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This is cruel, Papi. This is just really, really cruel. We’ve already witnessed all the ceremonies, and the teary-eyed tip of the cap after the Red Sox were eliminated at Fenway Park, but it obviously still hasn’t hit me that David Ortiz has played his final game in a Boston Red Sox uniform. I’m sure a lot of Red Sox fans feel that way. We’re all in denial. But this…this right here? This doesn’t help my grieving process, because now we’re opening up old wounds that really didn’t even start to heal yet. We’re making deep wounds even deeper.

Did you guys read that Players Tribune piece that Ortiz wrote last month? Motherfucker still goes to Fenway to work out. I’m reading the signs here. Do I actually think he’s coming back? No. I don’t. But do I think that Ortiz is one thousand percent sure that he’s done? I think he’s more along the lines of 99% sure that he’s done. I think that he’s still got the itch. And I think that itch just got more intense when the Red Sox pulled the trigger on a trade that brought Chris Sale to Boston. FUCK, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. I did not want to talk myself into believing that there was still a teeny tiny percentage of a chance that he’d come back next year under the right circumstances. BUT, after the Sale trade, how could those circumstances be any better for him to return?

Ignore this blog. He’s not coming back. That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself to maintain my sanity.