The Iguana From "Planet Earth 2" Set To Audio Of A Beastmode Run Is Why The Internet Exists

I’m sick and tired of people saying the internet is the worst place in the world (please excuse when I said this exact thing yesterday). This place is great! Where else would we be able to have a video of an iguana escaping snakes matched up to the audio of a Marshawn Lynch run? That last sentence is like a mad lib and that’s exactly what the internet is. One big mad lib. We just throw a bunch of shit togethe. Some it sucks, some of it sucks really bad and some it’s great like that video above. The only bad thing about that video is it reminded me that Planet Earth 2 premiered in the UK and won’t premiere in the US for another month and a half. Such bull shit. And people need to stop sending me tweets and e-mails that say, “Trent, chill out. Here’s a streaming link to Planet Earth 2.” If you’re one of the people who did that, you just don’t get it. We’re American. We should get things first. End of story.