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No People, Joe Biden Ain't Running In 2020

Here’s a fun little lesson in consuming modern mass media. Joe Biden made a classic Joe-Biden-esque comment in jest last night… and everybody ran with it.

Here is the actual context.

I enjoy Joe Biden as much as the next guy. How do you not? He’s just this jolly old guy that loves ice cream. And he’s boys with Barry and the two of them seem like pretty cool powerful old bros. But it’s ridiculous how these news sites jam stories and narratives down your throat. Literally no part of that exchange possessed any real, genuine comment about running for president. It was just Joe fucking around like Joe does. They’ve seen it a million times. They know the deal. Yet they’re writing headlines like he made some declarative statement about his 2020 ambitions. If you just saw tweets and headlines and didn’t actually click on any of these articles to consume the actual exchange, you’d think Biden is already stumping in Iowa.

BNN breaking news flash: Biden will not run in 2020. The dude will be 77 and has already run twice previously — in 1988 (!!) and 2008. You don’t run for president in 1998, serve as vice president from 2008-2016, decide not to run in 2016, then come back in 2020 to run against an incumbent Donald Trump as a 77-year-old. There’s no fucking shot.

Biden will be crushing one thing and one thing only in 2020 and it will not be campaign speeches.



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