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Shia LaBeouf Claps Back At Soulja Boy And This Is Officially My Favorite Rap Beef Ever

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HE’LL GO TO ATLANTA WHEN HIS SCHEDULE IS FLEXIBLE. YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP. YOU’RE POP. YOU’RE MMMMMBOP. Shia just out here burying people with freestyle after freestyle after freestyle. Remember back when Drake vs Meek Mill was the hottest rap beef in the world? Drake dropped his first diss “Charged Up” that was okay but not great. Drake then waited and waited and waited for Meek to drop a response. Drake waited 4 days, got tired of waiting and dropped “Back To Back” which is now a classic hip hop diss that’ll go down as one of the best ever. It’s the song that made everyone declare him the winner of the beef. That’s kind of what’s happening in this Soulja Boy vs Shia LaBeouf rap beef (an actual real thing that I’m just glad to be alive for). Soulja keeps yapping and Shia keeps rapping. Who’s the actual rapper in this beef? It’s starting to look like Shia cause all Soulja has done is puff OUT his chest out on Instagram and yell stuff. Meanwhile, Shia is recording heat. I’ll say it again. Come up with a clever and coherent response to Shia, Soulja Boy. YOU WON’T.