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I Think Victor Oladipo May Have Single Handedly Ended Dwight Howard's Career Last Night With This Dunk?

If Dwight Howard had any pride or honor whatsoever he would have announced his retirement immediately following this game. Sure he’s only 30 and is still averaging 13 and 12 but like, at what cost? Can you really keep lacing them up after getting slammed on like that? Seriously he’s lucky everyone’s eyes were glued to Klay highlights last night and didn’t get to fully process this on court slaughter of a man’s dignity.

All I’m saying is that if the ancient Japanese samurai can literally disembowel themselves with a ritualistic seppuku after even the slightest dishonor I’m pretty sure you can stick your sneakers in a locker and move on to shooting car commercials and pitching kitchen products. Just make sure Oladipo has 51% equity in all of it because he owns you now.