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Soulja Boy Is Very Mad Online That Shia LaBeouf Dissed Him

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He took the bait! What an idiot! Or am I the idiot? Is all of this staged? No way Soulja Boy is actually mad at Shia LaBeouf, right? You gotta be one thin-skinned rapper to take offense when the dude from Even Stevens comes at your neck. Soulja Boy should probably have better things to worry about than Stanley from Holes dissing him on wax. But that’s what makes me believe that his reaction is genuine because, as far as I can tell, Soulja Boy has literally nothing else going on. The last thing I remember Soulja Boy doing was tweeting that he had just signed a deal worth $400 million that SHOCKINGLY turned out to not be worth $400 million at all. Also notice that Soulja didn’t respond with his own diss song. Probably because he sucks at rapping. It’s just easier to yell utter nonsense about being from the street on Instagram than to actually craft a coherent and clever response. Hey Soulja, fuck you man. You’re reading the blog of the #1 supporter of the Shia LaBeouf Redemption Tour. You come at him, you come at me. Maybe you should actually make a clever song dissing Shia. You won’t.