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Jay Gruden Is Rightfully Mad At The Team, But He Has To Take A Bunch Of The Blame Too

This is the big story around Redskins Twitter today. Gruden unloading on the players. Coaches yell, it happens, but this is the tweet that caught my eyes the most:

The effort throughout the week. That’s the concerning part for me, but not because of the players, but because effort throughout the week falls on the coaches. Sure, you can’t get DeSean to practice. I get it. But if the team as a whole is too hunky dory to practice, then it’s a bit of a situation that needs to be fixed before the game.

Along with that, this is a bit problematic:

The defense, particularly the secondary, is skin and bones as it is. Whitner who is dust and a hodge podge of corners who are so-so have not been good all season. But allowing 34.6% of 3rd and 12s or longer is crazy bad. That’s on Joe Barry. This has been a season-long epidemic and it has only gotten worse.

Gruden should be yelling at Barry about this, it’s AWFUL.

And finally, the god damn fade on 3rd and goal from the 1. We have Fat Rob. There were less than 2 minutes left in the half. Run the fucking ball. Run it 4 straight times. Throwing the motherfucking fade, nevermind to DeSean who had Patrick Patterson on him, is the worst play call in the history of play calls. Enough with the fade. The Skins are 0/50 on the fade this season, and keep going back to it. Enough is enough. Gruden can yell at the team all he wants, but nothing will be worse than that play call.

As I’ve said all year, the Skins are a good team, but they have holes, especially in the secondary and on the O-line. The Cards were putting pressure on Kirk all day, and when you have 3rd stringers on the o-line, it was often hard for him to do anything.

Everyone is to blame for yesterday, but time to move past that. Hopefully the Skins rest up, heal up, and go out next week and destroy the Eagles.