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Good News! Doug Pederson Is Now Questioning The Effort Of His Players!

BGNHow do you avoid a slide that snowballs?

“You avoid it by trying to win a football game. We all sit here and say I wish things were different, but we continue to work.”

Pederson reiterated that he thinks his team is not as bad as it seems.

“Everything about this team right now is still right there for the taking. I don’t see any quit in them.”

But then he was asked “Can you say that every one of your players played hard?”

“Not everybody. That’s the accountability I talk about. It starts with me.”

Well isn’t that special. And he ain’t wrong. Zach Ertz wanted NOTHING to do with that block. Sadly that’s only one example out of a million from yesterday’s performance of ineptitude. Wait, the walking contradiction that is Douglas Pederson also said he didn’t see any quit in his team when they were down 29-0. That’s nice. I’d say that doesn’t make any sense, but who am I to question the reality of the Eagles head coach? I mean, shit, this was the same man who defended his infamous 20-minute, 2-minute drill while down two scores to the Patriots in the playoffs by saying simply they didn’t want to give the ball back to Tom Brady.

All I know is the Eagles aren’t just a bad team right now, they’re not even fun to watch. In fact, it’s more of a chore to sit through these games nowadays. And the lingering apathy is possibly the worst thing you can feel about something. I’d rather be furious over this team because at least it shows I care more than anything else. It’s so exhausting at this point I’m just like, meh. Absolutely emotionless. It’s the same shit, different season with this damn organization under Lord Lurie. Speaking of which, am I allowed to start royally shitting on this Eagles administration again or did that 3-0 start buy them a decade with the sheep fans? And don’t give me this “At least you’re not the Browns” happy horseshit. Fuck that. How about instead of saying it could be worse we start realizing we deserve better? I want to be the fucking Patriots. Sorry about wanting just one aspect of my life to be successful is too much to ask.