The New Hotness In What To Do With The Dead Body Of A Loved One? Turn It Into A Coffee Cup

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 via cremation designs

I don’t like it. I LOVE it. I wanna be made into a coffee cup so badly after I die. Coffee is the main reason I’m alive every day in the first place. I am your stereotypical coffee drinker. There was once a McDonald’s commercial where a guy would get up and walk to McDonald’s. On the way he would say to everyone, “Don’t talk to me. I haven’t had my coffee yet” and then when he finally gets coffee, he turns into a happy smiling person. That’s me in real life. I am two completely different people from pre-coffee to post-coffee. My life is all about finding and drinking that first cup of coffee. Once that happens, it’s all gravy. So that’s why I want to dedicate my after life to the sweet elixir that gave me life while I was on this planet. I don’t care what my Mom says or my future wife and children say. When I die, make me into a coffee cup. Coffins are so two-thousand and late. I wanna be a coffee cup! Oh you think it’d be gross to drink out of a cup made from your loved one’s dust? Grow up, Peter Pan. I’d rather know I was drinking coffee outta my relative than whatever coffee cups are currently made out of. You don’t know where that coffee cup has been. It was probably dragged across every ball sack of every worker at the sweat shop it was made in. I’d rather know where that cup has been/who it was.