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Giving Birth On A Plane Is Such A Dickhead Move I Can't Even Stand It

Dailymail - A woman gave birth in mid-air on a flight from Philadelphia to Orlando on Sunday night.  Southwest Airlines flight 556 ended up having to make an unscheduled landing in Charleston, South Carolina because of the arrival of an extra passenger.  The plane was about an hour into its flight from Philly when the woman went into labor.Luckily, there was a nurse on board the plane who was able to provide some assistance to the birthing mom who was seated in the first row of the plane.

What type of absolute asshole gives birth on a fucking plane?  Like I’m not a “giving birth” expert but if you have even a .0000000000001% of going into labor you don’t fly.   Just such a selfish move.  If I was the pilot I would have REFUSED to land the plane.  Stick this bitch and her new born crying ass baby in the bathroom and make her sit there till the flight is over.  People have places to be.   Nobody signed up for this.  Nobody cares that you had a baby.   You just fucked up everybody’s lives because you are an arrogant selfish prick period.

PS – Of course this happened on a Southwest flight.   What other airline would some dickhead go into labor?  You almost deserve to have this happen to you as a passenger for buying a ticket on a Southwest flight in the first place.  Almost.  Ultimate poor person airline.   The Fung Wah bus of the sky.