Luckiest Lady In The World Avoids Getting Smashed By A Car Thanks To A Well-Placed Light Pole

That lady is hashtag blessed. If that city in Poland doesn’t decide to put a pole there years ago, she’s dead meat. Smashed up against that wall like a squashed bug. Funeral city. That goes to show that luck is everything in this world. It also goes to show that you literally have zero control over whether you live or die. Fun topic, right? Well it’s true. You can eat all of your vegetables, exercise, drink water instead of pop and take the stairs at the airport but it doesn’t matter. It’s still not up to you whether you live or die. Kind of a bummer but it also happen to but correct. There are billions of people making thousands of decisions every single day that you have no control over. Like what if they had decided to build that light pole just a few feet in any other direction? Or what if that car was going fast enough to plow right through the pole? That lady would now be a dead person. The scary part is, when you find yourself on the end of a poor decision made by a complete stranger, there might not be a light pole like there was for that lucky lady. Have a good week everybody!