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It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Announce That The Jaguars Have Lost Again

Yesterday, the Jaguars Defense played pretty well. They held Paxton Lynch to 102 yards passing and the Denver Broncos only had 206 yards total. Denver had 1 first down in the second half and the Jaguars still lost the game. Still.

At least I can agree with Blake Bortles about something.

This makes it seem like throwing pick 6s is actually bad.

This one is hilariously bad. Sometimes you get picked off and it’s not your fault. The ball is tipped. A receiver cuts his route off too early. But sometimes, this happens and it makes the fans of your team want to die.

Those types of things happen in 1 out of every 4 games that Blake has played. 41 starts. 11 pick 6s.

The Jaguars defense gave up 206 total yards, less than any game that Tim Tebow ever played in, and the Jaguars still managed to lose. The game was sealed on a Blake Bortles fumble. Just perfect.

Blaine Gabbert’s career record is 9-31. Blake Bortles is 10-31. At least he has that going for him.