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There Was An Insane Fire In Cambridge Over The Weekend

Pretty insane footage and pictures from Saturday’s fire in Cambridge that’s displaced more than 125 people. It was a TEN alarm fire, which, to be honest, I didn’t even know was possible. I thought like three was a crazy fire and four was out of control… but this was a goddamn ten. Somehow only 5-6 people were injured and it was for minor things, but wild stuff. I’ve seen Backdraft and I’ve never seen a fire look like that (I’ve never seen Backdraft, it’s just the only fire movie I can think of since “Smoke Jumpers” never got released), but glad to hear for the most part everyone is safe.

Doesn’t mean that they don’t have plenty of hardships coming, though. Can’t imagine being displaced from your home and have everything you own destroyed around the holidays. Anytime, really, but especially around the holidays. If you can afford it, you can donate to the victims at the GoFundMe here.