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Matt Barnes Allegedly Assaulted Two Women And A Man At A New York Club After Last Night's Knicks Game

TMZ- Sacramento Kings ?star ?Matt Barnes ?is wanted by NYPD for questioning after he allegedly choked a woman inside a nightclub early Monday morning — and TMZ Sports ?got video of him right after the incident. Law enforcement sources tell us cops got a 911 call to Avenue Nightclub after midnight, reporting a man assaulting 2 women and another man. We’re told things got physical when Barnes allegedly choked one woman during an argument — and when 2 other people tried to intervene … he punched both of them.
In the video, Matt and a teammate — it appears to be DeMarcus Cousins — are talking about the fight. The teammate is clearly heard saying, “Matt hit the s*** out this ni***!” Barnes fled the scene before cops showed up. The Kings were in town to play the Knicks on Sunday. They lost. Cops are investigating and looking for Barnes.

Obviously the NYPD is still trying to figure out what happened here, but the whole “Matt Barnes is Matt Barnes” issue has probably caused more than a few people to make up their minds regardless of what really happened last night. And I’m not one to investigate or even connect the dots. But The Garden deluging Barnes with “DE-REK FISH-ER” chants at the end of the game when Barnes was trying to inbound the ball just may have put him in a sour mood before he went out.

Nobody enjoys hearing the name of the guy who cuckolded him chanted by hundreds of New Yorkers. That’s when you know people hate Matt Barnes. Derek Fisher led the Knicks to the worst season in team history and allegedly was snooping around with the girlfriends of some players. The only coach Knicks fans hated more than Derek Fisher was his successor Kurt Rambis. Yet the MSG crowd was chanting Fisher’s name like he was Derek fucking Jeter after a World Series title last night. That’s how you know Matt Barnes just brings out the worst in people. Fuck Matt Barnes.

And tough look for Boogie in this video. We need all the NBA teams to make a pact to get him out of Sacramento ASAP. Like everyone submits their best offer and they pick a team name out of a hat and the Kings have to accept it. Do it for Boogie. Do it for the NBA. Do it for me.