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Bill Belichick Captures the Emotions of Tom Brady's Record-Breaking Day for All of Us


 “Tom breaking the record, that’s what it is all about, winning games.”
-Bill Belchick, December 4, 2016

See, this is why we need poets. It’s not enough that we just have journalists and historians on hand to record the great moments. We need wordsmiths. Men of heart and vision who can capture historic events and express them in ways to stir the soul. Men like Bill Belichick.

It just doesn’t get any more emotional than Tom Brady setting the all time quarterback wins record. The ultimate underdog. The guy who couldn’t start ahead of Drew Henson at Michigan. Who at one point was behind Lloyd “Gargamel” Carr’s kid on the depth chart. The 199th pick in the draft. The kid with the chip on his shoulder who’s had the name of the six QBs taken ahead of him on the frontal lobe of his brain at all times for the last 17 years.

That guy goes out and sets the record for wins by a quarterback. He not only sets the mark for excellence in front of his fans, he does it in a year in which he’s been trashed and humiliated by the league he’s represented with class and dignity. And he does it against the very team which said, before the kickoff on that fateful night in February of 2002, “Tonight, a dynasty is born.” With all the teammates – long since retired – who gave birth to the dynasty the Rams weren’t expecting in the house.

So not just anyone can do justice to such an historic occasion. It takes a man with not only the knowledge, but the emotional investment to put it into words. So thank God we have Belchick to express it in the way the rest of us are thinking, but don’t have his talent with the language.

So thanks to The Hooded One. Congratulations to Brady for No. 201 and counting. I just wish Roger Goodell could have been there to enjoy the moment too. But I’m sure in Week 13 of the season he had better things to do.

P.S. I’ll admit I’ve been to funerals where I didn’t cry even a little. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little watching Brady’s teammates and opponents congratulate him at the end of the game while he saved the game ball and the crowd went nuts. If getting emotional watching a great American rags-to-riches story succeed is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.