In Case You Missed It: November 28 - December 2


On any given day, there could beat least 75 new posts up on this goddamn website. Now granted, there are always some re-blogs and at least 20 wake ups/GTA’s/Smokeshow posts, but there’s still a shit ton that goes on every day. Between all those posts and listening to all the podcasts and trying to actually do a little bit of real work throughout your week, it’s easy to see how you would miss some things here and there. Even if you’ve signed up for the BARSTOOL SPORTS RANDOM THOUGHTS NEWSLETTER (sign up here), there are still some posts that just fall through the cracks. So that’s where In Case You Missed It comes in. A quick week in review on Saturday morning highlighting the major stories from Monday-Friday for those of you who aren’t able to sit there and read every single post (or just wait for the second something is posted so you can be the first to comment about how shitty the blogger is).

Monday November 28

RGIII getting robbed in the Browns’ team parking lot during a Browns game on Sunday is not only the most Browns thing to ever happen, but also the most RGIII thing to ever happen. Good news is that Pressure makes Diamonds. People forget that.

– Speaking of some of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation, it’s clear as day that the Denver Broncos need Tim Tebow back. Friendly reminder that Tim Tebow won a playoff game in the NFL.

– The Barstool Cyber Monday Telethon was… well… well it was something that happened. Here’s the recap. We are the World.

Tuesday November 29

A giraffe kicking the shit out of a lion is one of the best underdog stories of the century. Lions have been walking around for way too long actin like their shit don’t stink. King of the jungle. Yada yada yada. About time somebody put them in their place.


– Turns out that our good buddy Barstool Nate isn’t quite cut out for the life of a Beer League Hero. Glad to see he pulled through after suffering a heart attack at his roller hockey game though.

– Here’s a free piece of advice to all you kids out there reading at home–if a plane crashes and kills nearly an entire soccer team, maybe don’t tweet a joke about the tragedy unless it’s at least a 9 on the funny scale. I personally don’t have an issue with people joking about tragedies in real time, but it’s gotta be a homerun joke or else you look like the biggest cock sucker on the planet. Which is why 95% of us should just stick to thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday November 30

This Jesus loving mom found her 8th grade son’s Spotify playlist and YOU WON’T BELIEVE what happens next. Just kidding. You can totally believe it because the ol’ bible humper was none too pleased.

A BILLION people watched the World Chess Finals. Which would typically be pretty impressive but that’s roughly the same number of people who tune into “Dave Walks To Work” on Facebook Live every Tuesday morning.

– Stop me if you’ve heard this one before; Intern Tex highly overestimated his physical prowess and then got stuffed in a locker when those physical strengths were put to the test.

– Speaking of pests, this Brad Marchand interview about being one of the most hated players in the NHL was a great watch. I just wish he was wearing a different sweater because then I could love the guy as much as you bozos in Boston do.

Thursday December 1

–  Hot chick with even hotter takes Tomi Lahren went on the “Daily Show” and depending on who you talk to, somebody EVISCERATED somebody else and another person SKEWERED the other. But seriously. This interview made me miss John Stewart more than I do already. This could have been a John Stewart vs Tucker Carlson moment and it just wasn’t.

– Good News: the worst sports rule of all time–the MLB All Star Game deciding home field advantage for the World Series–is no more.

Ian Cole and Nick Bonino of the Pittsburgh Penguins went into the office to take on Davey “El Pres” Pageviews in the Goalie Challenge. The only person to make more saves than Bonino on Pres that night was this Minnesota High School goalie who had 98 saves in one game… while his team still lost 12-0.

Friday December 2

– Shoutout to Henry Lockwood for directing what is quite possibly the short film of the year… KFC Radio: The Documentary. A+ work all around and a fitting tribute for the end of an era.

– As if 2016 didn’t suck enough dick already, the year just took another legend from us. RIP to Chef Peng Chang Kuei. Better known to all you hungover bastards as the inventor of General Tso’s Chicken.

– Here are your official Barstool Office Power Rankings for Week 13. Lotta movement in the rankings this week. The committee is gonna have their hands full for sure.

Smokeshow of the Week: Sarah from Middle Tennessee State






Have a great weekend, everybody. You’ve earned it.