The Bulldozer Of Barstool Attempts To Turn Intern Tex Into A Man

Interesting little Lunchtimes With Smitty today (see the entire exchange at @Smitty1581 Snapchat). Somebody asked “Challenge Tex in something. Anything.” So I deferred to the Intern and he elected to take it outside. Fine by me. Full video with more of attempting to make Tex into a man on Monday, but you get the gist. If anything I respect the former 5’8 160lb high school guard taking on a tank head on. However, I don’t respect the sheer amount of his blood and dip spit I got on me in the process. Grow up, kid. And get in the film room.

Now I NEED to see Tex go up against the beast that is Holly Mangold. If he comes out with all of his organs still in the right place, he gets my respect.