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Mark Wahlberg Says Celebrities Shouldn't Talk About Politics Because They Are Out Of Touch With The Common Man


(Source)Mark Wahlberg has been a rapper. He appeared shirtless and grinning on a 40-foot billboard in Times Square. He launched his own burger chain. And he starred in some of the greatest movies ever made, including “Boogie Nights,” “Three Kings,” “The Departed,” and “Lone Survivor.” Just do not expect him to opine on politics. “A lot of celebrities did, do, and shouldn’t,” he told Task & Purpose last week, at a swanky luncheon in New York, held on behalf of his upcoming film “Patriots Day.” We were talking about the parade of actors and musicians who lined up to denounce Donald Trump in the months and weeks leading up to Election Day. “You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway,” he continued. “They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family. Me, I’m very aware of the real world. I come from the real world and I exist in the real world. And although I can navigate Hollywood and I love the business and the opportunities it’s afforded me, I also understand what it’s like not to have all that.”

Few quick things on this because it’s Friday afternoon and I reallllly don’t want to get too into politics.

1. It’s a little funny hearing “celebrities shouldn’t talk about serious stuff because they’re delusional and don’t live in the real world” from the guy who said he would’ve stopped 9/11 if he were on one of the planes.

2. I get what he’s saying. Personally, I’m a “you’re allowed to talk about whatever you want, the Constitution says that, and if I don’t like it then I just won’t pay attention” guy. But I still get what Wahlberg is saying here to an extent, celebrities don’t live in the real world, that’s a tough fact to argue. It’s just difficult to get mad at people who have a platform for using that platform to voice their beliefs. Especially when if the qualifications for talking about politics are “in touch with the real world” then almost no politicians should be talking about politics either.

3. The funniest part of all of this is how it’s, of course, being shared all over the place by Trump supporters. Since Hollywood is basically 100% liberal they’re thrilled that someone finally gets it and told all those libtards to stuff their holes with some more foie gras and shut up. Ummmm… you guys just elected a celebrity. A reality TV celebrity, no less. Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics because they’re out of touch with the real world? The motherfucker you just elected lives in a literal golden house. It doesn’t really get more out of touch with the real world than that.