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The Creator Of "Full House" Bought The "Full House" House

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Yahoo - The Tanner House is back in the Full House fold.

Veteran TV producer Jeff Franklin — creator of the beloved long-running Full House— has purchased the iconic San Francisco property where the Tanner family “lived,” located in the city’s Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood at 1709 Broderick St. The house went on the market in May with a price tag of $4.15 million and Franklin snapped it up in a deal that closed this fall, paying right around $4 million.

What a happy ending. I love when things, or in this case a house, gets bought by it’s rightful owner. It’s like how baseball players buy back their 500th home run ball or how Neil Armstrong bought the camera they filmed the moon landing with. And now the creator of Full House bought back the Full House house, and it gets even better:

Despite a recent redesign that some realtors described as “sophisticated,” Franklin is planning to redo the interiors to match its sitcom heritage, making it appear as if the Tanner family really lives there.

Oh the house is redone and state of the art and in one of the most expensive places to live in the country? Fuck that, time to redo it to make it look like the early 90’s. That’s having that fuck you money. It’s like Zuckerberg talking about buying houses to turn them into his ping pong room. The owner of Full House is just living the dream. His very, very specific, very kinda weird Full House dream, but the dream nevertheless.