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J Cole Goes All The Way In On Kanye West With His New Song

HOOOOOOO BOYYYYYYYYY. Everybody brace yourself because a war is coming, and it’s between two of the most insufferable groups of fans on the internet. In one corner you’ve got the J. Cole fucking losers who literally think J. Cole is the greatest artist who’s ever lived. If you ask a J Cole fan they’ll tell you he’s a genius with 10x the mind Einstein had, they’ll say he invented fire and the spoken word, and they’ll tell you if you don’t like him it’s because you’re just not intellectually gifted enough to comprehend him. They freak out about him going platinum with no features and attack anyone who dare say he’s not amazing. Most of them are about 12 years old so you’ve gotta take it with a grain of salt, but J Cole fans are the primary reason I don’t like J Cole. I won’t even listen to him because of them. I refuse to give him a chance just in case I actually like him simply because that would kinda validate them. J Cole fans fucking suck.

In the other corner, you’ve got the Kanye West superfans who also fucking suck and are obscenely delusional and, well, as one of those suckbags let me say this: I don’t even think think this is about Kanye. What’s everyone talking about? Why do they keep saying J Cole went in on Mr. West? None of that fucking shit he’s rapping about even applies to Ye. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Fact that anyone thinks any lines in that song even come close to sounding like a Kanye diss is outrageous. J. Cole definitely tore some rapper a new asshole, but not Donda West’s son. No way. No how. Not him.