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Two Different Coaches Reacting to Getting Hit in the Head With Objects Says Everything You Need to Know About Soccer vs. Hockey

Never has the difference between the culture of soccer and a sport like hockey been so obviously on display than in this clip.

I can’t claim to be the world’s foremost authority on Capitals coach Barry Trotz. But I’ll give a stick tap to the Reddit commenter who said “Legend has it that as a child his neck double crossed him and it was never seen again.” I will say though, that while he’s tough for a regular human being, he’s probably just your generic, store brand kind of hockey coach tough. This is just how those guys are. It’s the nature of the sport. If he did so much as ask for the trainer to hand him a towel to cover up that Sarlacc Pit on his head, he’d feel like he’d desecrated the graves of Dit Clapper and Eddie Shore and defiled their corpses. So he takes it like the man he is and tells them to drop another puck.

Meanwhile, this soccer coach sums up his entire sport by getting grazed with a paper airplane and doing the Sonny Corleone toll booth scene. And yet, I bet if soccer has some version of an Arthur Ashe Courage award, they gave it to him for not being rushed off in an ambulance to the emergency room. Remind me to file this one away for the next time someone nags me about not loving the Beautiful Game.