Dying In A Porta Potty Would Actually Not Be Good

Count me out on dying in a porta potty. Eating chips and vaping with my pals? Sure. But dying? No thanks. To be completely forthright, this is a top-end porta potty, folks. I’m talking bout the handicap variety. In the porta potty world, this bad boy is the belle of the ball. The guy who died in there was one lucky duck compared to the people who die in regular sized porta potties.


If I’m gonna die in a bathroom, I want it to be a nice ass bathroom. I wanna die in a bathroom with a separate toilet room, walk-in shower, and a clawfoot tub. All that good shit. I mean, I guess if it was a fresh porta potty it would be ok. Not ideal by any means but I could talk myself into it. Depends on how fresh though, too. People forget that. A super fresh porta potty is all wet. I dont wanna collapse and get porta potty juice in my beard. Cant have a blue stained, super dry beard at my funeral. I’d look like a fucking idiot.