New 7000 Square Ft Wawa Opens Up In Center City Philadelphia Today, Review Later

PhillyMag – Lots of Center City office workers may have a little more pep in their step on Friday. That’s when, seven months after it was announced, a new Wawa will open at 20th and Market streets.

At the time, Wawa said the new Wawa would take up 7,000 square feet (the “Robinson Luggage Wawa” at Broad and Walnut is only 5,380 square feet). Approximately 25 “bar seats” were planned for the new Wawa



I know that Christmas isn’t technically for another 23 days but what more could you possibly want? Just think about how many TastyKakes you can fit in a 7,000 sq ft Wawa located right in Center City. Think of all the Wawa Iced Teas you can store in there. Think about all the stuffed pretzels. All the mozzarella sticks. All the Buffalo Chicken Tender sandwiches. All of the Gobblers. All of the chocolate milks and the Sizzli’s and the highly underrated chocolate chip cookies. You know when you really like a girl and your heart and mind start racing a million miles an hour when you see her, and you can’t really formulate anything to say because your body just went into overdrive? Well that’s how I feel right now thinking about this new Wawa.

Cairo has the pyramids. Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Now Philly has a 7,000 sq ft Wawa. Truly one of the greatest wonders of the world. I think I’ll have to make my first appearance at some point tomorrow. A full review will be in store some point next week.

Fuck Sheetz.