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David Price Needs To Stop Looking At His Twitter Mentions -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 61

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two


On Episode 61 of the Section 10 Podcast, the Bronson Arroyo Episode, we’re re-living our Thanksgiving Eve experiences from this year. Some were more enjoyable than others. We also asked our listeners get really fucked up on Thanksgiving Eve and leave us voicemails when they got home, and they delivered. Proud of you guys. Other topics discussed were the Comeback Player of the Year, how Rick Porcello won, but where does Hanley Ramirez fit into the discussion, and why do we even care about this award? We also get into Dan Shaughnessy announcing that he will no longer be voting for Curt Schilling on his Hall of Fame ballot because of his tweets. We got some pretty solid listener-submitted questions this week (finally), so we discussed which sideline reporter we’d bring back if we could, which Red Sox player we’d want on our side in a zombie apocalypse, which team we’d adopt as our favorite if the Red Sox were no longer a franchise, which Red Sox players would give out the best and worst Christmas gifts, capped off with a rant on David Price’s Twitter usage. All that, and, of course, our brand new Put ‘Em In The Bathroom segment.

Leave your Red Sox reactions throughout the week on our voicemail, and they could be used at the end of the show: 781-366-0950.