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Dog Waits At The Window Every Day For 3 Months Waiting For His Owner To Come Home After She Left For College

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Daily MailEveryone feels a pang of sadness when they head off to university – after all, they’re leaving their childhood behind. But for one woman, she was also leaving behind a dog who is so devoted to its owner that it’s still waiting at the window every day.

18-year-old Carly Dunn, from Duluth, Georgia, had to leave behind her faithful dog Bo when she started as a freshman at Georgia State University.

Every day, Bo looks out the window at Carly’s old schol bus, just hoping that she’ll get off and come back home.

Get you a dog who loves you as much as Bo loves Carly.


Seriously can somebody in this fucking family go play with Bo please? Take his mind off things? Maybe help distract him and have a little fun instead of watching him cry at the window every single day snapping photos to send to all your friends? Jesus, I’ll do it if I have to.