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Good News On A Friday: The Dog Who Got Dropped Off At A Shelter By Her Family Only To Have Them Adopt Another Dog Right In Front Of Her Has Been Adopted

ABC7- A German shepherd named Zuzu has found a new family after an animal shelter volunteer said they witnessed Zuzu’s old family pass her over. Zuzu was downtrodden when she came to Downey Animal Care Center near Los Angeles, a volunteer told animal news website The Dodo. But she suddenly lit up when one family came to the shelter. Shelter volunteer Desi Lara learned it was Zuzu’s old family. “A joyous personality came out when she saw her people … all of a sudden she was all excited, doing a little zoom,” Lara said. But the family didn’t want the German shepherd back because she kept escaping, The Dodo reports. They were there looking for another dog. A page was set up for Zuzu on ShelterMe, a site for helping shelter animals get adopted.

Let’s go! Happy Friday vibes. I had somebody tweet at me the day I first blogged this story that she had been adopted but I wasn’t 100% positive it was true. Well it was and our girl Zuzu is headed to a new AND WILDLY BETTER home than where she was. Off the bat it’s already gonna be better for her because her new owners will actually want her. Unlike those no good, piece of shit assholes who dropped her off then adopted another dog right in her face. I said in my original blog that I wanted those people dead and I stand by that. Zuzu going to a new home doesn’t right those wrongs. I hope to fucking Jesus or God or whoever is the running this shit that those people weren’t allowed to adopt a new dog. If there’s any justice in this cold world, the people at that shelter told those people to GTFO and never come back. But this blog isn’t about those cocksuckers. It’s about Zuzu finding a new home and that happened and we’re all very happy for her cause she is a very good dog. Good luck the rest of the way Zuzu.