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(No Title Blog) Man Watches His Landlord Doin It In His Bed Via Nanny Cam


It all started from an alert from Logan Pierce’s phone that led him to a startling discovery.

“I got a notification from one of the cameras on lunch the other day that it detected noise and was strange because both of us work all day everyday,” Pierce told 11 News.

One of those cameras is set up in the bedroom of his apartment at Skyway Condominiums in Colorado Springs.

“I opened up the camera and kind of had to like quit the program and, like, restart it again because I didn’t really believe what I saw,” said Pierce.

11 News can’t show you the whole footage, because it’s too graphic. But, the video goes on to show a clear picture of Pierce’s landlord having sex on his and his wife’s bed.

“I guess the first thing that went through my mind was like complete and utter disbelief,” Pierce said.

He immediately called his wife.

“I said, ‘Honey, I think we need to move, like, immediately.”

Going to jail for breaking into your own apartment that you’re renting to other people and getting the beak wet a little bit (talkin bout sex) doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as these folks are making it out to be. I’m not a legal expert, so I’m gonna trust the Lt’s opinion that it’s actually against the law for a landlord to fuck on your bed without your knowledge or consent. News to me. While it is against the law, calling the cops on the landlord seems like something a cock blocker would do. But that’s just me.

All joking aside, using a wedding dress to clean up some semen is a psychotic move. There was plenty of junk strewn about that apartment. No need to soil a wedding dress, but there is certainly a need to keep your room a little more tidy. You never know when your landlord is gonna make a sex tape in your bed, use your wedding dress to clean it up, and your room will be on display for the world to see. Make your beds, yall.