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Looks Like Jordan Reed Will Miss Sunday's Game With A Fucked Up Shoulder

Depending on who you ask, Jordan Reed has anywhere from a separated shoulder to having no arm at all.

He hurt it during the Dallas game, got shot up with every pain killer under the sun, and then returned to the field, but now looks like he will take Sunday to re-attach his arm to the rest of his body.

This is to be expected from Jordan Reed though- he is the most second most injury prone TE in the league. Cousins made due without him last year, and will do the same on Sunday. It helps too that Vernon Davis has played fantastic this year, after the rest of the NFL wrote him off. He’s obviously not quite Reed, but he fills in admirably. Despite being the 2nd TE option, Davis has 450 receiving yards, good for 14th in the league for TEs. Not too bad for the old guy.

The 4-6-1 Cardinals are favored at home, while the 6-4-1 Skins are in the playoff hunt and need this win after falling to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. The Cards defense is tough, but even without Reed, the Skins should have this one.