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Tomi Lahren Goes On The Daily Show...Cue The EVISCERATION! Fire Up The DESTRUCTION!

Tomi Lahren vs Trevor Noah…the Unstoppable Force vs the Immovable Object. 2 internet mouthpieces enter…only one leaves. The other will be…eviscerated. One will be…destroyed. The internet is like Highlander…There Can Only Be One. There can only be one person who makes short viral videos with catch all statements and jokes that only address like 1% of the issue they are discussing!

Listen Tomi Lahren is a total clown. I never ever want people to misconstrue anything I’m saying as support for her. She is the very definition of an internet mercenary and a troll. She’s like the Manish Mehta of racism and politics. She says whatever she needs to say to get views and go viral. Shes a hot blonde chick and she takes overly controversial stances on purpose to get views and make a name for herself, and it works. I say that not because I have spoken to her or have any inside info. I say that because that has to be the ONLY logical take. There is just no way Tomi Lahren believes all the shit she says. Primarily because you really would need to be a truly hateful racist person to actually believe some of the stuff she says. Shes a troll who stirs the pot and defends literally everything white people do until the bitter end. Essentially shes a Barstool Commenter who is hot and able to speak on camera so she goes viral. She picks hot button issues like Kaepernick kneeling and the Black Lives Matter movement, she takes the ultra conservative, pro white people stance, and watches the internet burn. If Tomi Lahren is self aware and knows this is exactly what she’s doing, I guess you gotta tip your cap. I despise almost every one of her rants because nobody can be THAT white, THAT Republican and THAT racist. Its lazy to just pick the extreme, extreme right opinion every single time. And by never, ever acknowledging the opposite viewpoint or never wavering or showing any diversity in your thoughts, you lose credibility. But if she made her goal to be a tone deaf, overly dramatic troll for the sake of popularity…well…mission accomplished.

But on the other side of the coin here is the Daily Show crowd. An equally insufferable internet gang. It began with John Stewart and now its carried to Trevor Noah and John Oliver – whatever a Daily Show host says is automatically Evisceration and Destruction. Its like Thoughts and Prayers. Eviscerate and Destroy get tossed around like its going out of style. Now, John Stewart is a legendary comedian. And he will go down in TV history for what he did with The Daily Show. There were plenty of times he gave a monologue or did an interview where he really did take someone down who deserved it. But now its like the ultimate knee jerk reaction to just say a person or a topic were torn to shreds. It doesnt even have to be funny or poignant anymore. I mean “You dont see color? What do you do at a traffic light?”



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The crowd goes nuts and the internet sends it viral!

Folks that joke fucking sucks. It doesnt even really make sense. There’s a million statements you can make like that about color. “You dont see color?? How do you know that your socks are matching in the morning???” “You dont see color?? How do you pass the test at the eye doctor??” The Daily Show crowd was going to OOOOH and AHHHHH over whatever the punchline was to that joke. Its just what they do. They automatically laugh and they automatically decide that the person who’s the subject of the satire or the joke is an idiot getting roasted. When Tomi Lahren said “What did the KKK do?” she was asking a rhetorical question (albeit a stupid one) to make a point. Trevor Noah takes her question seriously as if shes actually asking the question and the Daily Show crowd yucks it up like its some sort of satirical genius. Its just lazy. Not that funny and doesnt warrant the dramatic reaction it always gets. I’m sure Trevor Noah is a really capable and funny comedian and the Daily Show writers are still all talented people but its just the same sort of “take downs” and lazy shit with the same reaction from the crowd every time.

Tomi Lahren is a troll. Trevor Noah is not comedic hero and/or champion of the people. They’re both smart people who get paid to get people to react to them on TV and the internet. And because people are pretty much A) racist 2) a bunch of sheep, or D) a bunch of racist sheep, both Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah get those reactions a lot.