Terry Boers Is Retiring In A Month From 670 The Score

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By Terry Boers–

(FULL COLUMNI’ve already written this column once. It had been tidied up and put to bed in early June for what I thought would be a joyous day in mid-to-late September when it would run on our website. God, was I ever wrong.

But then life has that way of putting a foot on your throat, of absolutely ruining plans, not caring if they were 50 minutes or 50 years in the making.

It just doesn’t seem fair when that lifetime is your own.

I had sat down that day and used the late, great Hall of Fame basketball coach Dean Smith as my lead, noting he said one of the biggest regrets of his life was retiring from the game too early, that giving up his job at North Carolina in 1997 was an awful mistake.

Thought I needed to mention this quickly. If you’ve listened to B&B over the years or the Score in general Terry Boers retiring after 25 years at the station is pretty big stuff. I caught up on the news last night and listened to yesterday’s show and it was real tough to hear him talk about what seems like a horrific year in terms of health. I haven’t been a big fan of Boers and Bernstein since it became Dan Bernstein’s sanctimonious political hour the past few years but when both were at their best the show was undeniably great. Some of the segments over the years have been an inspiration for how we do pieces of Pardon My Take.  Mundane Sports Achievements, Tales of Laziness, and of course Who Ya Crappin are all classics. Not only that but Terry Boers is an essential part of Chicago sports and radio history as one of the first employees at 670 and deserves a proper send off. Here’s hoping his health issues improve and hats off to a hell of a career. Never forget the time he made fun of us for having Jay Cutler on KFC Radio.

Here was Terry’s announcement on air, pretty emotional stuff but I thought he spoke eloquently from the heart.


I’m VERY interested to see who they replace Terry with. Holmes or Goff seem like a natural fit but this feels like a decision that will define the Score for the next half decade. No pressure.