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Brad Marchand Does An Awesome Interview About What It's Like Being The Most Hated Player In The NHL

I love Brad Marchand. I know this is sacrilegious to say but I love him more than Patrice Bergeron. Patty is too perfect, I can’t level with him. He’s like a god. But Brad Marchand? I can see myself in that reflection. Maybe it’s the punchable face, maybe it’s the fact that everyone hates us, maybe it’s the fact that we’re both little fucks… I don’t know, it’s probably all three. But I can relate to Brad Marchand, so for two years now I’ve been beating the, “If you still think Brad Marchand is just a pest then you’re a fucking idiot,” drum and it’s nice to see the rest of the world finally pick up the sticks with me. Sure, he’ll still get booed and people will yell at pictures of him in the streets of Toronto, but in their heart of hearts they know he’s a fucking great hockey player and one of the most entertaining guys in the league. Feels really good to be on the right side of history with this one.