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Trump Decides "Presidency Is A Far More Important Task!" Than Running His Amazing Great Incredible Businesses

You gotta love it when your president is willing to leave his businesses to run the country. What sacrifice. What leadership. What commitment. How blessed are we. We’ve heard endless chatter over the past three weeks about all the potential conflicts of interest President Trump will have due to his business ties. Welp, not anymore! The presidency is a far more important task!

Now he will be completely removed, turning the empire “in total” over to….. his children. Just completely removing himself. Sacrifice city. Here’s a little look at his situation.

Trump owns or has a position in more than 500 companies, according to a CNN analysis. That includes about 150 that have done business in at least 25 foreign countries, including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
I don’t so much mind a businessman that has business connections in all sorts of different business-ey spots. That’s fine. That’s part of the apparent appeal of The Donald — he’s a successful billionaire business tycoon that knows what he’s doing. But fuck Saudi Arabia. Hate just about everything about the bastards that run that place.

So, good to know we’re gonna have a president whose primary job is being president. Huge win for us imo. Look out world.

PS — Sup Mitt.