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These Two Dudes From Finland Playing With A Bunch Of Ping Pong Balls Makes For An Electric Video

I was skeptical about that video at first. How exciting could two guys playing with multiple ping pong balls be? What I didn’t anticipate was the electric personalities of the two guys playing. They deserve Oscars for their acting in that video. They really sold the idea. It takes a true personality to make me watch and entire video where guys simply hit a bunch of ping pong balls back and forth for not that long. Cause what they did really wasn’t that impressive. If they could hit five balls back and forth for an hour that’d be impressive. But they only went for like 8 seconds. So they needed something else to sell it and it turned out to be themselves. Their names are Emil and Otto and they’re from Finland and I now want to see them do everything. I want them to Facebook Live or Periscope or whatever their entire lives. Gimme all the access I can get. Maybe have them appear at the next Barstool Idol.