Wiz Khalifa Says He Knows How Kanye West Can Get Better (Hint: It's Weed)

That’s a good friend. Wiz and Kanye have had their issues in the past but Wiz clearly just wants his fellow rapper to get better. Would Kanye smoking weed actually help though? I feel like it could go one of two ways. One, it completely calms Kanye down, grounds him in reality again and he goes ack to being the Chicago guy we all knew and loved from back in the day. Or two, it breaks his brain and he becomes a vegetable for the rest of his life. If I had to bet I’d bet on the second outcome. Reports on Kanye have said he’s scared and paranoid. Well those just so happen to be the two side effects people experience most when they smoke weed. So probably not the best idea to have Kanye hitting the bong just yet. Maybe Wiz is still mad at Kanye and that’s his actual plan. Send Kanye some super strong weed, break his brain and, just like that, that’s one less competitor in the rap game. Diabolical.