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Meathead Smacks The Shit Out Of A Judge After Losing A Bodybuilding Competition

Just chill out man. No need to Suge Knight-smack somebody over a goddamn bodybuilding competition. Just take your loss like a man and grease up those thighs another day for another chance. Although it would appear that bodybuilding has become an incredibly competitive and cut throat sport. I’m basing that off of how many girls I went to high school with who have since become professional bodybuilders. It’s a weirdly high number, right? Am I the only one seeing this? Maybe it’s just my school and my graduating class but like the number is way too high. More girls have become bodybuilders than any other profession. I can’t scroll for more than two seconds on Facebook without seeing one of them all bronzed up and flexing with people leaving supportive-albeit-confused comments. Good for them though. I went the opposite direction. I have become more pale and fatter each day since I last stepped outta my high school. So who am I to judge. But still, lotta bodybuilders. Lots.