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Turns Out That Reffing An Amateur Adult Hockey League In Russia Is An Easy Way To Get Your Head Taken Off


Guy must be a huge Dennis Wideman fan…

You know how all Russians need dashcams in their cars just for insurance fraud purposes? Same thing goes for bozos who are dumb enough to ref beer/vodka leagues in Russia. Actually stop for a moment and think about the situation these refs are putting themselves in. Russia is a lawless abandon. Now you’re putting yourself in a position where your job description is to piss off a bunch of 40-50 year old drunk Ruskies who currently have sharp blades on their feet and large weaponry at their disposal? Yeah fuckin’ right. The fact that we don’t end up with a new video of some psychopath going on a rampage like this every day is the upset of the century.

I’ve said this before but reffing any type of soccer game in South America is probably the most effective form of suicide there is. You make one wrong call down there and you’re getting decapitated or shot or at the very least, your body is getting cut open and stuffed with drugs. Apparently the Russians got a little jealous of all the hype South Americans have been getting for their savagery over the past few years and decided to put their own little spin on it. Good for them. And good for the ref taking this beating like a champ. You can tell he’s West Moscow born and raised. This was just another Tuesday night for him.