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Andrew Shaw... Just Chill Out Man

“Fuckin’ piece of shit. Fuck you!  You fuckin’ piece of shit! You’re a fuckin’ ?” – Martin Luther King Jr.” – Andrew Shaw

I don’t think there was anybody in the world more excited than I was when Andrew Shaw went to the Montreal Canadiens this past summer. It was a crying shame that I was forced to hate him on the Blackhawks. But now that he’s out of Chicago? Well I love the kid’s energy. He’s a little punk who manages to piss every single person off who is out there on the ice. Even his own teammates at times. He drives everybody nuts and I’d love to have him in Philly. Think he’d be an immediate fan favorite. With all that being said. Hey, Andy. Maybe think about just chilling out, man.

And I get it. I do. Down 2-1 with under a minute left in the 3rd period on the road and they hose you with this weak ass call in the offensive zone? The ref deserves to hear about it a little. It’s not Shaw’s fault that Vatanen can’t stay on his feet. Maybe Montreal’s fault for throwing Shaw out there in the final minute of the game but he’s scored some big time goals in his day so far. Regardless–you’re doing just a bit too much. I hate refs just as much as the next guy. Think they’re my 2nd least favorite group of people right next to people who don’t own the movie ‘Miracle’ on DVD. But breaking your stick into 3 different pieces is just showing off. Super impressive accomplishment but I’d prefer Shaw to have a little class here and just go with the stick snap over the knee.

Spinzone: at least he wasn’t hurling out any gay slurs in the box this time. Or at least it didn’t look like he did. Our little boy is growing into a fine young gentleman so fast.