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J.R. Smith Saying Hi To Jason Terry Instead Of Playing Defense And Then Giving Up An Open Dunk Is Prototypical J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith is truly like a cute puppy that poops on the floor all the time yet you can’t get mad at no matter what he does. For every time he doesn’t play defense or gets stuck in a 1 for 22 cold spell, he hits a big shot or says something absolutely ridiculous that makes you fall in love with him again. Even Jason Terry knows that. J.R. tried to knock Terry’s block off during that Knicks/Celtics series a few years ago. But Jason is still giving Earl Smith love nonetheless. You know why? Because that was just J.R. being J.R. Nothing is business or personal with J.R. His entire life is a collection of random events that J.R. strung together to either get buckets or get laid. Even the Cavs were like “What the fuck happened? Oh, that was just J.R. eating our shoes because we forgot to put them where he couldn’t reach them. That’s on us.” Never change, J.R. Never fucking change.