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Comedian Getting Put Through The Ringer For Joke(?) About The Brazilian Soccer Crash

A wise man known as Mo once preached “If it’s funny, it’s probably not racist.” I think. I could be wayyyyyy off with what Maurice actually said, but I’m pretty sure it’s along those lines. I think the same guidelines go for tragedies and death, but only WELL after the acceptable grace and grieving period has passed. More importantly, at least make it funny. I’m talking Richard Pryor in his prime belly laugh type of humor that even the most PC of police would be like, “That’s a disgrace…but it’s pretty fucking funny.” This piss poor attempt at comedy barely qualifies as a sentence, let alone a joke. And smooth move deleting the Tweet only to come back with an apology saying he didn’t realize the gravity of the situation, even though he used the term “Survivors”. Because plane crashes are usually super mundane events that result in sunshines and rainbows.

Only an outright moron would make a dumbdick attempt at a joke directly after a death. Especially when the deceases is a well respected member of society, like former Flyers owner Ed Snider.

People are just idiots sometimes. Or assholes. In these cases, both. At least the squeak toy had enough backbone to keep up the Tweet and take his Internet spanking. Probably liked it, too.