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Playing With Wolves Seems Great Until One Tries To Bite Your Face Clean Off

Well ain’t that some shit. Playing tug of war with a wolf is a lot different than messing around with your average American pup. Sure, the typical lab or pug may put up a good, noble fight, but at least you’ll never have to worry about your jugular bleeding out. Good on this Russian lassie to keep the beast at an arm’s length and go straight for the nuts – The universal Achilles Heel for any male mammal. Like Groundskeeper Willie, she’s been wrestling wolves back when that dog was sucking his mama’s teet. But she better watch her back. The Alpha Wolf howling at the end is beyond creepy. You don’t fuck with the HWIC in their own den. If Liam Neesen couldn’t make it out alive on pure manliness and alcoholism, nobody stands a chance. Solid movie, btw.